Why Methanol is Used For Extraction

Why Methanol is Used For Extraction

There are a few different solvents on the market that companies use to extract compounds from a variety of seeds and plants. These compounds come in the form of oils that manufacturers use to make products such as olive oil, CBD tinctures, hemp lotion, and more. Methanol is an extraction solvent popular amongst professional extractors for a variety of reasons. This article will explain why methanol is used for extraction and where you can find this high-quality, industrial compound to use for all of your extracting needs.

Why Is Methanol Used for Extraction?

Methanol is the simplest alcohol and is not meant for ingestion in large amounts. This chemical compound naturally occurs in many foods and living creatures, but in large amounts, it can be quite volatile and flammable. Chemists and manufacturers must use extreme caution when handling, especially during the extraction process. Make sure your facility is properly prepared for the handling of hazardous chemicals before use. If you take the proper safety precautions, then this alcohol can turn out to be a great solvent for extraction. Here are a few reasons why methanol is used for extraction:

  1. High extraction yield
    • This compound helps you get the most out of your money by yielding higher amounts of solvents than other compounds.
  2. Great for extracting oils from plants
    • Manufacturers have found this type of alcohol to work great when extracting oils from plants.
  3. Ability to extract multiple useful compounds
    • Some extraction solvents don’t get all of the desired compounds and substances out of the plant that you’d like them to. Methanol extracts a variety of compounds from plants, which is not something all solvents can do.

Looking to Use Methanol?

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