Why Is Isopropyl Alcohol Used In Extraction?    

Why Is Isopropyl Alcohol Used In Extraction?   

Isopropyl alcohol is an organic and popular chemical utilized by a multitude of industries. From the features that make up its composition, this substance can be used as both a disinfectant and a solvent. Our alcohol in question can offer a variety of results, one is the process of extraction. This chemical is used for this process due to its many versatile abilities. 

What Is Isopropyl Alcohol? 

Before we can mention what makes it ideal for separation, you must understand its most essential elements. 

This substance also referred to as 2-propanol among many other names, is one that lacks all color.  

It is also known as being the second most commonly consumed (ingested) alcohol, having a place beneath the most common, this being ethanol. This often consumption can be greatly caused by the liquid’s smell and taste.  

The chemical is recorded to possess a peculiar fruity scent and a bitter taste. However do not let its dulling of the senses deceive you, if consumed incessantly several health complications can occur. The most notable is eye surface damage. 

Why Is Isopropyl Alcohol Used In Extraction? 

These components aside, isopropyl alcohol also possesses two distinct abilities that make it a popular means of extraction. These two distinct abilities are: 

  • Quick Evaporation Rate: With isopropyl alcohol, the process of separation can take place more easily. 
  • Nontoxicity: People who interact and work with this particular substance can do so with ease since it is not harmful to them like other chemicals are. 

An additional feature to note for its popularity as a solvent is its high purity. Chemicals that are high in purity do not contain any elemental tarnishing in their single existence. And so, are of a higher value.  

Looking To Learn About Other Solvents? 

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