Why Do We Refine Edible Oil?

Why Do We Refine Edible Oil?

It’s Simple: Quality Control 

When the average person googles phrases like “refine edible oil,” they often want a quick and straightforward guide to the process.  

Perhaps you also wish to understand why manufacturers undergo these rigorous chemical extraction processes. 

Continue for a thorough 2-minute read on why we refine edible oil before you make your next purchase on our site. 

How do we refine edible oil? 

Before we refine edible oil, the solid material must first be cleansed and pressed; you can think of this step like juicing fruit. The remaining oil in the original material will then be extracted using a solvent. Along with refinement, this is called a chemical extraction process. 

In simple terms, we refine edible oil through: 

  1. Neutralization: Oil heated to 85 ºC and combined with an alkaline substance 
  2. Degumming: Oil treated with water or acid and gum dregs removed 
  3. Bleaching: Pigment filtered out 
  4. Deodorization: Steam passed through oil 

Depending on the product’s intended use, the manufacturer may also “winterize” the oil by quickly dropping its temperature. A small amount of citric acid is also added when we refine edible oil that needs to be odorless. 

But WHY do we refine edible oil? 

The answer is universal: consumers and quality.  

Manufacturers have high standards when they refine edible oil to prevent customer complaints and health hazards and maintain product performance. Refining edible oil removes impurities, creates a consistent taste, scent, and color, and keeps business going. 

Need to refine edible oil? 

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Still, want clarification? 

No worries! Our team is standing by to help you. Regardless of whether you know extraction like a pro or if this is your organization’s first go, you can contact us via email, phone, or our easy message form.