Why 95% Alcohol Is a Good Solvent for Extraction

Why 95% Alcohol Is a Good Solvent for Extraction

Solvent extraction is a popular technique that extractors use to draw out oils from seeds and other plant compounds. There are a few different chemical compounds that extractors use for the best results, with ethanol being one of them. Read on to learn about this simple alcohol compound, the benefits of choosing it, and where you can buy it.

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is a food-grade solvent and grain alcohol. It is an alcoholic chemical compound found in beers, wines, and other alcoholic beverages. It’s a great solvent for extraction due to its high yield of the desired oil in a short amount of time. Ethanol compounds range from 70% to 100% alcohol content, with the remaining percentage being water. A 95% or one as strong as 100% will reap the most extracted oils or compounds from plants compared to one of a lower alcohol percentage with a larger amount of water.

Why is 95% Alcohol Good for Extraction?
  • Renewable –
This compound is a great eco-friendly alternative to other compounds such as butanol. Extractors can reuse up to 95 percent of ethanol after filtering it out of the new solvent/oil.
  • Saves Money –
Reusing the compound will save you time and money spent reordering it. Compared to other compounds, this one is the most cost-effective.
  • Food-grade –

Most extraction solvents are food-grade to some extent, but ethanol is a compound that extractors use most often for ingested oils. Since filtering leaves so little of the compound behind, the new oil doesn’t take on the taste of it. For example, when manufacturers make CBD edibles and tinctures, most opt for this compound to extract cannabinoids due to its lack of aftertaste.

Looking to Buy Solvents?

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