What Solvents are used in Cannabis?

What Solvents are used in Cannabis?

Increased Use of Cannabis

With each passing day use of solvents for extract is becoming more common in a variety of industries, and the cannabis industry is no different. When it comes to cannabis extraction, solvents are the easiest method to use as they often have a wide variety of resources they can pull out of the cannabis and in most cases leave little or no residue after doing so. Most cannabis solvents are also fast-acting and cheaper than other methods, which puts out more products for the market. These are the ones you need to keep an eye out for. 

What Solvents are Used? 

The most common cannabis solvents are ethanol, butane, and propane. They are the favored solvents of choice for cannabis and hemp extractions as they produce the least amount of residue on the extracted content and they can produce a large quantity at a consistently high quality and do so safely. 

This ease of production is good for not only lowering the market cost but also lowering environmental risks. Some methods of extraction can result in the unsafe use of chemicals or solvents, or things like the open-blasting methods which create a lot of waste and do not create a consistent product as normal solvent extraction would. 

Many people will hear the word solvent and assume that the product has been tainted after a solvent has been used on it. Naturally, there is reason to be concerned with chemicals coming into contact with something made for human consumption, but with solvents, they can be easily separated from the created product. This makes it easier for the companies making it and also eases the mind of the consumer buying it. 

Looking For Cannabis Solvents? 

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