What Solvents Are Used in Cannabis Extraction?

What Solvents Are Used in Cannabis Extraction?

Solvent cannabis extraction is a popular technique that extractors use to draw out a target compound from the cannabis sativa plant. These compounds are cannabinoids such as hemp, CBD, and THC. Since cannabis extraction normally results in the manufacturing of an edible product from these extracted compounds, it’s important that the solvent the extractor uses is suitable for ingestion. This article will explain which solvents are best for drawing out food-grade compounds and where they are available for purchase. 

Top Solvents Used in Cannabis Extraction 

Since a solvent is a chemical compound, each of these chemical compounds will have its own properties and thus characteristics that make it either a great choice or a not-so-great choice. Let’s take a look at some of the top chemical compounds chemists use for cannabis extraction and see what makes each one so appealing. 

  1. Methanol: This compound yields a high amount of extract and is great for getting your money’s worth. Methanol isn’t just cost-effective, but can also extract several desirable compounds from the plant at once in comparison to other compounds on the market. After the chemist performs the proper evaporation methods after the extraction, the small amount of methanol that remains should be harmless when the extracted substance is ingested. 
  1. Acetone: Acetone is safe for ingestion when used as an indirect additive into food, making it a perfect solvent for cannabis extraction. Use this solvent to make THC gummies, CBD tinctures, hemp food products, and other edible products. 
  1. Butanol: Butanol is another great compound that works well with cannabis extraction. Considered food-grade when used as an additive, it is suitable to use in edible products. However, depending on the precision the extractor used during the process and the quantity of the butanol added, butanol has the potential to leave a slight after-taste unlike with other edible chemical solutions.  

Need to Buy Solvents in Bulk? 

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