What is the Role of Hexane in Oilseed Extraction?

What is the Role of Hexane in Oilseed Extraction?

Solvent extraction is common technique manufacturers use to take out oils and other specific compounds from seeds, leaves, and other parts of plants. While there are a variety of solvents available to use, hexane is a great option for manufacturers who are looking to extract oilseeds. In order to better understand the role of hexane in oilseed extraction, this blog post will explain the properties of this chemical compound, how chemists use it to extract oils, and where it’s available to buy in bulk. 

What Is Hexane? 

Hexane is a chemical compound that is preferable for frequent handling due to its following properties: 

  • Low toxicity 
  • High flammability 
  • Low boiling point 
  • High yield of compound 
  • Little to no odor 

All of these characteristics make it an appealing choice for extraction in general, but more specifically for oilseed extraction since it is safe to consume in small amounts. During this process, an extractor uses a solvent to separate the oil from the seeds of a plant to produce edible products such as: 

  • Soy  
  • Olive oil 
  • Flaxseed oil 
  • Mustard products 
  • Grape seed oil 
  • And more! 

Hexane and Oilseed Extraction 

We know that hexane separates the oil from the plant, but how?  

There are a few different solvent extraction processes that chemists and manufacturers use, but it all boils down to a general procedure: 

  1. Combine the plant compound with the solvent. 
  1. Allow the solvent to remove the desirable compound from the plant. 
  1. Once the compound is separated, remove the solvent from the solution so that you’re only left with the newly extracted compound.  

Hexane is ideal for extraction due to its high yield of extracted compounds, its ability to be food grade, and the possibility of a low-risk process when conducted properly. 

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