What is the Edible Oil Refining Process?

What is the Edible Oil Refining Process?

You already know (else we’re informing you now) that edible oils are extracted from plant and animal materials. Perhaps you also understand why we refine edible oils. Regardless of your knowledge level, this blog post will give you a clear understanding of edible oil refining before making your next solvent purchase on our website. 

How is edible oil made? 

The process of making edible oil has been perfected over thousands of years. As societies grew and demand increased, we developed more efficient technology and production methods. Today, most edible oil refining and creation is executed via chemical oil extraction. 

Production steps: 

  • Cleanse  
    • All debris removed from the surface 
    • Clean material crushed and heated 
  • Press 
    • The crushed material is placed under gradually increased pressure (think juicer) 
  • Solvent Extraction 
    • Solvent added to pressed material to dissolve remaining oil 
    • The solvent is distilled (removed from the oil) 
  • Refine 
  • Package 

Edible Oil Refining Specifics 

Manufacturers uphold high standards for edible oil refining to ensure customer satisfaction and health safety. Refining edible oil ensures product consistency in taste, appearance, and odor. The edible oil refining process varies for some products, but it is relatively standardized amongst manufacturers. 

The steps for refining edible oil are: 

  1. Neutralization: Oil heated to 85 ºC and combined with an alkaline substance 
  2. Degumming: Oil treated with water or acid and gum dregs removed 
  3. Bleaching: Pigment filtered out 
  4. Deodorization: Steam passed through oil 

Although the first three production steps are consistent, discrepancies can occur in the refinement process. Some edible oils need to be rapidly chilled or “winterized” since they are meant to be served cold. For manufacturers looking to reduce odor via edible oil refining, citric acid is optional but effective for deodorizing oils. 

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Have questions? 

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