What is RSO Extraction?

What is RSO Extraction?

What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is cannabis oil made from the flowers of the marijuana plant. Also called Phoenix Tears, this cannabis extract is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes intoxication and euphoria. It contains higher levels of THC than other cannabis oils on the market, differentiating it from its relatives—most other therapeutic oils contain THC’s cannabinoid cousin, cannabidiol (CBD), with little to no THC.

This type of oil is not a branded product. Although its creator, Rick Simpson, used his own name for the oil, it is simply a variety of cannabis oil. Simpson encourages others to make his creation using his methods.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Simpson is a Canadian man who used to work as an engineer in a hospital. In 1997, before cannabis was mainstream, Simpson turned to marijuana plants as a treatment for tinnitus and dizziness that he developed after a work-related injury. He created highly concentrated extracts that significantly improved his condition. Several years later, he developed basal cell carcinoma. He had heard of a scientific study in which THC killed cancer cells in mice, so he decided to use his extracts to treat his cancer topically. After four days, the growths had disappeared. Since then, Rick Simpson has promoted his therapeutic cannabis oil.

How is Rick Simpson Oil Made?

RSO is made by rinsing dried cannabis buds with a solvent and oil mixture to extract the medicinal cannabinoids. After the flowers are rinsed with solvent, they are boiled to remove any residual chemical, leaving behind pure Rick Simpson Oil.

What Solvents are Used for Extraction?

There are a few different solvents that can be used in the cannabis extraction process. Simpson recommends using either pure light aliphatic naphtha or 99% isopropyl alcohol. Other solvents, such as acetone, grain alcohol, ethanol, or butane may also be effective, but will likely not produce the same results as the purer solvents recommended by Simpson. Regardless, any solvent that is intended to be used should be colorless.

What is RSO Used for?

This oil is meant to be taken orally or applied topically. It is said that it can treat:

  • multiple sclerosis
  • infections
  • inflammation
  • high blood pressure
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • cancer

Interested in RSO?

Extracting this type of oil from marijuana plants requires the use of a solvent. To purchase the correct solvent, contact our team of experts here and they will assist you with your solvent needs!