What Is Oilseed Solvent Extraction?

What Is Oilseed Solvent Extraction?

Solvent extraction is one of the most popular techniques chemists and manufacturers choose when extracting plant compounds. One of the most common compounds that they extract is oil from the seeds of the plant, or in other words, the oilseeds. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what oilseed solvent extraction is, the types of oilseeds, and where your company can buy industrial solvents for professional purposes. 

Using Solvents for Extraction 

Manufacturers choose to use solvents to extract substances due to their high yield of a desirable compound, their reusability, and their efficiency. However, not all solvents are created equally when it comes to oilseed extraction and there are a few that chemists tend to prefer such as: 

  • Ethanol 
  • Hexane 
  • Butane 
  • Methanol 

Each of these solvents varies in how reusable they are, how quick they can extract, how much of the compound, and which part of the compound it extracts. There are a few different techniques that chemists can use to separate the desirable compounds from the other compounds of the seed, but they all rely on the help of one of the above chemicals.    

Oilseed Extraction 

Whether you know it or not, some of the products you have laying around your house—or more specifically, your kitchen—are oilseed products. For example, you more than likely have one of these oilseed products at home: 

  • Olive oil 
  • Soy and soybean products 
  • Canola seed 
  • Peanut oil 
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Cottonseed 
  • And more! 

Where to Buy Industrial Solvents  

If you’re looking to separate oils and other compounds from any part of a plant, then choosing high-quality chemical compounds to use in your extraction processes is crucial. You also may want to consider purchasing solvents in bulk sizing options to make the most of your money. EGS offers great cost-effective and eco-friendly options for companies that are looking for industrial-grade products. Visit our website to view our listings and purchase today!  

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