What Is Extraction Grade Hexane?

What Is Extraction Grade Hexane?

Solvents, simply defined, are a diverse group of substances that aid in the removal of various oils When exploring the many solvents for extraction processes, it is important to examine the popular choices and what chemical characteristics make them ideal. But before we delve into the solvents themselves, you must first understand what this process of chemical extraction involves.   

Solvent Extraction  

Although there are plenty of methods utilized for the isolation of diverse oils, solvent extraction remains one of the most reliable methods. Both in terms of product yield and simplicity. Not only is its method cost-effective, but the process itself is relatively straightforward as well. All it involves is these three simple steps:   

  • Step One: Obtain the desired ground-up plant material and soak it with the solvent  
  • Step Two: Heat and agitate to allow the solvent to pull out the desired components from the plant.   
  • Step Three: Evaporate it from the solution, leaving behind the oil product.   

It is important to note that the oil is sometimes refined and purified further. It can be combined with a carrier solvent to dilute it.   

What Solvents Are Used for Oil Extraction?   

For this separation, some chemicals that can be used are:  

  • Diethyl Ether  
  • Ethanol  
  • Acetone  
  • Hexane  
  • 1-butanol  
  • Heptane  

What Is Extraction Grade Hexane?   

Hexane is a very popular solvent that possesses multiple characteristics that make it ideal for extraction processes. Some of these characteristics include:  

  • Allows for easy oil recovery  
  • Has a narrow boiling point range  
  • Ideal Solubilizing Ability  
  • Relatively Inexpensive  
  • Stable   
  • Low Odor  
  • Quick Evaporation Rate   
  • Does not disturb the nutritional value of plant material   

These qualities enable hexane to be a go-to option for many companies, especially in the production of edible oils. Aside from the properties listed above, hexane is also considered an environmentally preferable solvent.   

Interested In Extraction-Grade Solvents?   

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