What Is Chemical Extraction Used For?

What Is Chemical Extraction Used For?

The method in question is an extremely common laboratory technique that is utilized in various industries. The most notable utilization is contributing towards the isolation and production of oil. In simple terms, this method is the separation of a component from an overall solution. There is a wide range of these methods, each with its advantages and disadvantages.   

What Is Chemical Extraction Used For?  

  • Primarily, it is used in the isolation of natural components, like essential oil from plants, or CBD from the cannabis plant.   
  • It is also used in the manufacturing of industrial chemicals and the pharmaceutical industry   
  • In addition, it has also been used for the purification and refining of products, such as for the removal of pollutants from water. It is generally much more efficient and cost-effective than physical extraction.   

What Are Different Chemical Extraction Methods?  

  • CO2 Extraction – Utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide, this eco-friendly method involves placing plant material in a special chamber. And then releasing carbon dioxide onto it, which works by remaining in a supercritical state of both a gas and a liquid.  

 CO2 can pull out desired components, like THC or CBD from the cannabis plant.   

Though this method is highly effective, the only major downside is how expensive it can be.   

  • Solvent Extraction – This method relies on a solvent to pull out the desired compounds from the plant material, which is soaked in the solvent and then heated. The chemical is then evaporated from the solution to leave behind the oil product. Dozens of solvents can be used for this, but the most popular choices are:  
  • Ethanol  
  • Butane  
  • Hexane  
  • Propane  

This method is easy and cost-effective, but certain solvents can be hazardous.   

  • Steam Distillation – Aside from utilizing solvent–based or solventless methods, steam relies on steam to vaporize desired components. The to be followed by condensation and collecting of the compounds. This method is very simple, but sometimes it can be time-consuming.   

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