What does Denatured Alcohol Mean?

What does Denatured Alcohol Mean?

Denatured alcohol is a type of ethanol known as ethyl alcohol. This liquid is toxic to humans when ingested, even though its base compound of ethanol is a grain alcohol that is normally safe for human consumption. However, when chemists denature compounds like ethanol, they add chemicals known as denaturants that alter the composition of the solvent into something unsafe for humans to consume.

Reasons for Denaturing Alcohol

The main reason why denatured alcohol exists is so that it is not taxable, or at least not as taxable as pure alcoholic products. If the alcohol was pure, then the government would impose several taxes upon it like they do with regular alcoholic beverages. By making this liquid undrinkable by adding denaturants, it can no longer be taxed like drinkable ethanol.

What is Denatured Alcohol Used for?

This compound has a variety of purposes but is most commonly used for industrial reasons. In liquid form, it can be used…

  • To remove tough stains
  • As fuel
  • For surgical cleaning purposes
  • For laboratory purposes

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