What chemicals are used to process CBD oil?   

What chemicals are used to process CBD oil?   

CBD oil is a natural product that is extracted from the cannabis plant. In recent years, however, the demand for the product has skyrocketed. This can be attributed to the attributes and benefits that the oil provides. Some of these go as follows:  

  • This oil is a popular natural remedy for pain and inflammation, especially among those who are suffering from inflammatory or neurological conditions.  
  • Aside from physical health conditions, it is also a remedy for many mental health disorders.  
  • It is even used in cosmetics and topical creams because of its anti-inflammatory properties.   

The process of CBD oil production can vary drastically among different companies, largely because there are numerous methods one can choose for oil extraction. Each of these extraction methods possesses its advantages and disadvantages.   

Methods of CBD oil extraction  

  • Solvent Extraction – This method involves the following steps:  
  1.  Dissolving the cannabis plant in a specific solvent   
  2. Heating the solution  
  3. Then evaporating the solvent from the solution, to leave behind the desired oil product.   

This method is inexpensive, reliable, and has a high product yield.   

  • CO2 Extraction – This popular method involves utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide to absorb the oil from the plant.   

Though this method can be highly effective and is considered eco-friendly, it can be very expensive to purchase the equipment necessary to utilize it.   

  • Steam Distillation – This method utilizes steam to pull out the desired components, with the vapor later being condensed and separated to extract the desired oil.   

This method, though it is very inexpensive, is not as effective as the methods listed above.   

What chemicals are used to process CBD oil?   

For solvent extraction, there is an abundance of chemicals that you can use. Three of these include:  

  • Ethanol  
  • Isopropyl Alcohol  
  • Butane   

Another one worth mentioning is Carbon dioxide. This is due to it being the most popular solvent for the processing of CBD oil, because of its ability to extract pure cannabinoid compounds.   

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