What Chemicals Are in Edible Oil Refining?

What Chemicals Are in Edible Oil Refining?

While there are debates on the benefits of general edible and refined oils, there is no doubt that they are widely used every day and are staples in cooking or the production of gasoline. Before oils become edible, they must undergo a purifying process that involves chemicals. Of course, the thought of chemicals can be intimidating but understanding the role chemicals play in edible oil refining is important.  

Why are Chemicals Used in Edible Oil Processing? 

Chemicals are used in edible oil refining to ensure safety, quality, and consistency. They also allow for a thorough cleanse of any bacteria and removal of other elements that simply do not belong. This can include altering the color, taste, and overall appearance and allows for the oil to be in a raw state that is safe to consume. To provide additional peace of mind, oils are tested for overall safety regarding interactions (e.g.: the smoke point when cooking). 

What is Edible Oil Refining? 

Edible Oil Refining is the process of transforming oil into purified, edible products after the extraction process. Oil refining allows for the removal of undesirable elements in oils to make them more appealing to consumers and potential users. The refining process can alter several components of the oil.  

Edible Oil Refining vs. Oil Refining Process 

There is no doubt that chemicals are used commercially. With this, several chemicals are found in various industries due to the wide range of capabilities and benefits they provide. When undergoing the extraction or refining process of oil, some elements that are involved are the following: 

  • Bleach 
  • Alkali  
  • Hexane  
  • Phosphoric Acid 
  • Sodium Hydroxide 
  • Sodium Carbonate 
  • Solvents 
  • Citric Acid  

Searching for an Oil Refining Solvent? 

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