What Are The Ways to Extract Cannabis?

What Are The Ways to Extract Cannabis?

Legalization Making Changes

With the legalization of marijuana on the rise as well as medicinal use increasing, cannabis extraction is becoming more and more talked about. How the extraction happens varies, as the different parts of the plant require different methods to get the best results. It all comes down to what exactly you are hoping to produce. Once you know that you can find the process needed. 

What Are the Cannabis Extraction Methods? 

One of the most popular methods is solvent-based extraction. It is very easy to get consistent product quality and results with this method and it is safe to use as long as you’re in compliance with your local and federal laws. The most common solvent used is ethanol. Something that has been used in countless plant-based extractions for years. It has this reputation because it can extract several desired outcomes and leaves no residue when used properly. 

If you want to avoid using solvents, however, you have a few options available to you. 

  • Ice water Extraction: is a method of mechanically separating the desired product through the use of agitational force with water or ice. This is the best method for bubble hash or ice water hash. 
  • Cold-pressed Extraction: is when the cannabis is cooled then put under pressure in order to be crushed and have the desired oils squeezed out. 
  • Screened/Pressed kief: is one of the oldest cannabis extraction methods and it comes from the resin glands on the plant. It creates a naturally strong product that can be rolled into joints, used in edibles, and a variety of others. 

There are a variety of methods available to use when it comes to handling cannabis, each having its own specialties and product focuses. Knowing what process will be right for you is the first step as from here you will need to get the appropriate equipment or any solvents you may need. 

Looking for Solvents?

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