What are some commonly used solvents for extraction?

What are some commonly used solvents for extraction?

Some of The Most Common Solvents For Extraction 

Solvents are a diverse group of organic and inorganic chemicals used to weaken, dissolve, and dilute compounds. These chemicals can be used for a variety of purposes, such as extraction. With the purpose of separating a substance from a mixture with the aid of a solvent, while other substances remain unchanged. What are some commonly used solvents for extraction? Examples of solvents for this process are: 

  • Water 
  • Acetone 
  • Chloroform  
  • Hexane 
  • Ether  


Water is universal, and affects more compounds than any other. Water is a polar solvent. 

Chemicals that fall under the term ‘polar’ have an internal makeup where their bonds contain atoms with contrasting electronegativities. This allows it to be versatile with what it can interact with. Water can extract the following: 

  •  Acids 
  • Pectin 
  • Tannins 
  • Tannins 
  • Mucilage 
  • Minerals 
  • Certain Essential Oils 
  • Glycosides  
  • Sugars 
  • Proteins 
  • Alkaloid  


Acetone is also a polar solvent and some things it can extract are: 

  • Antioxidants 
  • Sulfurs 
  • Mineral Oils 
  • Waxes 
  • Pine Tar 
  • Peptizing Agents 


Chloroform is a nonpolar solvent. 

Chemicals are defined as ‘non-polar’ and have an internal makeup where their bonds contain similar amounts of atoms and similar electronegativities. This allows it to interact with less versatile components but allows it to work efficiently during extraction. Chloroform can extract: 

  • Resins 
  • Some antibiotics 
  • Oils 
  • Greases  
  • Gutta-percha 
  • Lacquers 
  • Rubbers 


Hexane is also a nonpolar solvent and can extract: 

  • Vegetable Oil 
  • Fish Protein 
  • Shea Butter 
  • Various Flavor Extracts 


Ether is a nonpolar solvent as well, It also is highly flammable, making it a less-than-desirable option. Ether can extract: 

  • Fats 
  • Oils 
  • Waxes 
  • Perfumes 
  • Dyes 
  • Gums 
  • Hydrocarbons 
  • Resins 

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