What are high purity solvents used for?

What are high purity solvents used for?

Before learning what this grade of chemicals can provide, you should know how they are defined. High Purity Solvents are a group of organic chemicals that are used in a multitude of industries. Their distinct and refined makeup classifies them as Reagent, the strongest chemical grade. Due to their classification, they are used in various fashions from cleaning agents to the extraction of edible oils. But what are high purity solvents used for?

What are high purity solvents used for typically?

The three chemicals that are typically applied are: 

  • Turpentine 
  • Hexane 
  • Acetone 

Each of these possesses properties that can deliver profits for chemical labs and manufacturers alike.  


Turpentine has been used in many ways. It was originally used as a cleaning agent. This solvent has been added to the following products: 

  • Paints 
  • Insecticides  
  • Disinfectants 
  • Varnishers 
  • Lacquers  
  • Rubber 

The pharmaceutical industry soon found a use for this chemical. The industry distills it into a medicine that treats minor aches and pains throughout the human body. It is in products that add to the human body such as: 

  • Perfumes 
  • Body Sprays 
  • Deodorants  
  • Stimulating Ointments  

However, the current application of Turpentine is to ensure the isolation of chemical compounds that create various results to be used throughout the world 


Hexane, although most commonly used to extract edible oils from crops and seeds such as corn, has several more uses.  

The chemical also acts as a solvent for: 

  • Rubbers 
  • Adhesives 
  • Cement 
  • Varnishes 
  • Inks 

It is from its integration into inks, that it becomes a cleaning agent for the printing industry.  

Hexanes are also used as the liquid in thermometers that measure low temperatures. 


Acetone is used by chemical laboratory denizens for its properties as a solvent, and to cleanse glassware. 

However, the properties from its makeup, are also used by many manufacturers for the following: 

  • Polymers 
  • Fats 
  • Oils  

The remaining uses of Hexane are contributing to the creation of other chemicals and nail polish removers. 

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