What are Food Grade Solvents?

What are Food Grade Solvents?

What Does Food Grade Mean?

Food grade solvents are otherwise known as Food Chemical Codex (FCC) which is an internationally recognized standard for naturalness, caliber, and identity of food ingredients. Food grade solvents are expected to be used throughout the globe by regulations through processors and suppliers. Therefore, the term food grade refers to the materials/ingredients used in the equipment and processing. In order for solvents to be defined as food-grade, the solvents need to be non-toxic and generally safe for consumption. Food grade solvents must be used in food-grade recognized equipment because the final products come in direct contact with the manufacturing process. In short, food-grade solvents means that the solvents are suitable to come into contact with food in the final product.

Common Food Grade Solvents Safe and Natural Ingredients

Ethanol: FCC-grade ethanol has many applications but is used is especially favored for use when heavy metals may have caused food/product contamination which in turn could be transferred to customers.

Heptane: Heptane has many uses in everyday life because it is a non-polar solvent. Heptane in a liquid state is ideal for transport and storage that is used to dissolve oil spots and other spills. Heptane is also used in nail polish applications, paint thinner, and for pharmaceutical purposes.

Acetone: Acetone is a chemical that is miscible with water which is commonly used to manufacture plastics. Acetone is used in many households’ products such as cosmetics and personal care products such as nail polish.

Methanol: Methanol is a polar liquid that has a high octane, clean burning chemical where its principal uses are in organic synthesis such as fuel and antifreeze. Methanol is used throughout many foods such as fresh fruits, fermented beverages, and soft drinks.

These solvents are used throughout a large variety of food applications. The use of these solvents is to purify and establish quality ingredients in finalized food products.

Shopping For Good Grade Solvents?

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