Types of Extraction Grade Solvents

Types of Extraction Grade Solvents

What Are Solvents?

Solvents can be used to create a variety of products, extracted from a variety of materials. In breaking down these materials, different types of solvents may be ideal for different purposes. Here at Extraction Grade Solvents, we provide Edible Oil, CBD, and Oil seed solvents. It is important to understand the differences between these categories to find your perfect solvent. 

CBD Solvents

CBD is an increasingly popular compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It has medicinal components that make it popular for a variety of purposes. In extracting CBD from cannabis materials, solvents may be used. Solvents break down the plant, extracting oils to be used in making other products. Various refinement methods often follow, removing as much of the solvent as needed for its intended purpose. These methods are used to help extract CBD oil from substances, and our solvents help with this! 

Some CBD Solvents provided by Extraction Grade Solvents are:

  • Butane
  • Isopropanol/IPA
  • Propane

Oilseed Solvents

Oilseeds are a category of seeds that come from crops that produce oil. Some common oilseeds include rapeseed, soybean, canola, cotton, and peanuts. Solvent extraction is common with oilseeds due to their ability to produce different kinds of oils. This occurs when oilseeds come in contact with a liquid solvent, extraction through a dissolution process. Before this solvent extraction, oilseeds are typically processed in various ways to be primed for this procedure. Some examples of this are pressing, flaking, and grounding the oilseeds. Soaking these seeds in a solvent helps to separate the oil, and hexane is commonly used here. 

Some Oilseed Solvents provided by Extraction Grade Solvents are:

  • Hexane
  • N-Heptane

Edible Oil Solvents

Edible oils are commonly produced by the aforementioned oilseeds, and these too can be integrated into solvent usage. Edible oils have the benefit of being considered a greener source due to their renewable nature. One step after oilseed extraction, the oil creation has already been done, which makes this solvent more natural. Oils such as olive oil and vegetable oils are much more available in the casual consumer market compared to CBD and oilseeds. However, there are still various types of edible oil solvents made up of various types of fats, which is where our services come into play.

Some Edible Oil Solvents provided by Extraction Grade Solvents are:

Shopping for Different Types of Solvents?

Extraction Grade Solvents offers a variety of edible oil, CBD, and oilseed solvents linked above! Our products come in bulk, can be made into custom blends, and are high in quality. Our team is thrilled to assist and accommodate your needs through our top-tier customer service. For more information about products contact us here today!