The Rise in Plant Extraction

The Rise in Plant Extraction

Why Plant Extraction?

Plants contain components such as oils, sugars, and proteins that can be used in products from a wide range of industries. As a result, plants are one of the key sources for extraction methods. It is very common for solid plants to have materials extracted through a liquid solvent process, after which these materials can be used in an array of products. In the past, plant extraction has largely been related to medicinal uses. Natural plant medicines were commonly seen throughout history, as remedies were concocted to heal individuals. Various plants contain medicinal components, from aloe to ginger to chamomile, which are still commonly found in consumer products today! 

The Rise in Plant Extraction Popularity

  • Animal Product Alternatives
    • In the past decade, dietary movements such as veganism have entered mainstream culture. With this, the production of new foodstuffs has been instigated. Since individuals participating in these diets are not getting their proteins from meat, the protein must be supplemented to create products such as tofu and seitan. Alternative milk forms – such as hemp and almond milk – have also required new forms of plant extraction that did not exist under the dairy industry. These trends show no sign of stopping, and with that, animal product alternatives will continue to rely on plant extraction. 
  • Dietary Supplements
    • Health trends have historically cycled, and these have only compounded with the rise of social media. With this, more intense forms of extracts are needed to formulate certain vitamin and mineral requirements. Thus, more plant extraction methods are being utilized. 
  • Cannabis Trends
    • In recent years, the legalization of marijuana has developed in specific US states, creating market growth and the opportunity to create new consumer products. As related products have begun to be viewed in a less illicit light, a rise in CBD products has been seen. The hemp plant is often grown for industrial extraction usage, and these trends mean that more hemp extraction is going to occur.

The Market for Plant Extracts

Various products that utilize plant extraction are in high demand, and the plant extraction market is likely to keep growing. More and more products using plant extraction methods have been placed on the market in recent years. Thus, continuous innovation is needed, and sectors such as the food industry should keep investing in research and development to keep up with plant extraction popularity and spearhead new trends. Learning how to efficiently extract materials will be a huge key in keeping up with market demand. 

Your Ideal Plant Extraction Source

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