The Processing of Edible Oils

The Processing of Edible Oils

Processing oils to make them fit for human or animal consumption is a complex procedure. It consists of several steps that must be taken in order to extract a pure, safe, and sizable amount of oil from a compound. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the method behind processing edible oils and where you can buy the necessary solvents needed for commercial extraction. 

Processing Edible Oils for Commercial Use 

There are two common methods that manufacturers can choose from when it comes to extracting oils from a compound: mechanical extraction or solvent extraction. In some cases, manufacturers will conduct both methods to yield a higher amount of extracted compound, but it is not always necessary. However, before the extractor can perform either process, the entire plant, seed, or other substance must be thoroughly cleaned, shelled, and stripped of any external contaminants. Once the cleaning is completed, then the extractor may begin extracting the oil from the substance. 

There are several food-grade solvents that make solvent extraction a preferable method for drawing out the desired compounds of a plant, seed, etc. that will later be ingested. Most extractors tend to choose hexane, which is great for commercial operations since it can extract compounds quickly and effectively. Once hexane or another solvent has drawn out the oils and separated them from their original substance, the extractor will heat the solution until only the raw oil remains. 

During the final steps of the process, the manufacturer may bleach and deodorize the raw oil in order to get rid of any excess compounds and make it safe for ingestion.  

Where to Buy Hexane and Other Solvents 

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