The Future of Solvent Production

The Future of Solvent Production

How are Solvents Used in Production Methods? 

Solvents accommodate a wide variety of products. Due to the wide reach that solvents have, it is important to consider the trends that the future of solvents points to. Solvents are useful due to their ability to break down other materials and draw out desired compounds, extracting substances without chemically modifying them. Even though solvents are often classified regarding what products they are used with, it is equally important to note how solvents themselves are produced. This is a tricky question, because, again, solvents accommodate such a wide variety of products. The nature of one particular solvent is going to depend on what substance will segregate and dissolve certain chemicals, and this will vary with every chemical. Many solvents naturally exist on their own, and some are classified due to their chemical formulations. 

Solvent Production: The Future

  • Greener Solvent Solutions: Due to the desire for more green solvents to dominate the market, fewer solvents may be available in the future as less sustainable solutions may be slowly phased out. 
    • What determines which solvents are sustainable:
      • Low toxicity
      • Stability at higher temperatures
      • Difficult to evaporate
      • Low odor
      • Low miscibility
      • Ability to recycle
    • A great example of a commonly discussed “sustainable” solvent of the future is ionic liquids, known for their beneficial properties of remaining intact for longer, leading to a wider use life while being considered less toxic.
  • More Solvent Recycling: Solvent Recycling occurs when residual solvents leftover from extraction processes are reused. Although this is seen now, the hope is that a larger percentage of overall solvent usage in the coming years can be incorporating solvent recycling, and that solvent recycling can become a more streamlined option.
  • Further Innovation in Research & Development: As green chemistry has taken off in recent years, so have new discoveries. The principles associated with these discoveries have surely begun to shape solvent development. Ideally, green solvents would be able to replace the countless number of solvents already on the market, but the unique properties of each and every solvent make this difficult to achieve. Thus, more clever engineering methods will need to be implemented in the future to find even more replacements for toxic solvents. 

Forward-Thinking Solvent Production

Here at Extraction Grade Solvents, we pride ourselves on thinking ahead of the curve. Our services and products continually grow and evolve in offerings as new trends in the world of solvents develop. As more research is revealed about solvent safety, we are committed to making socially and environmentally conscious decisions. Consult with us today!