Food Safe Organic Solvents

Food Safe Organic Solvents

Food Safe Organic Solvents 

When people hear the term organic solvent, they associate it with paint or cleaning products. Though those are some of the most common uses for it, organic solvents are utilized for many other applications, including in food production. Though not every organic solvent is considered a food-grade solvent, or a solvent that is used in food processing and extraction, there are specific types that fall under the umbrella of food-safe solvents

What constitutes a food-safe solvent?  

A food-grade solvent will generally possess specific characteristics that allow it to not only be safe, but effective for its purpose: 

  • High purity – When used in association with food, high purity is extremely important because there is significantly less risk of contamination and ensures that the product is pure of any potentially harmful substances.  
  • Safe for consumption – This one is a given, but a food-grade solvent is always one that is completely safe for people to consume or apply on their skin and will not cause any harm or dangerous side effects

What are food-grade solvents used for? 

  • Oil extraction – One of the primary applications of organic solvents is oil extraction, whether it be hemp, seed, or vegetable oil extraction, these solvents are commonly relied on in the process of chemical extraction.  
  • Food production – The processing of food usually involves some sort of solvent to maximize the efficiency of production. Food-safe solvents can also serve as additives to change the texture or flavor of a food product. For example, citric acid is a widely known additive that adds a distinct sour, citrusy flavor to many beverages and candies.  
  • Topical products – In the cosmetic and beauty industry, food-safe solutions are also added to various topical and cosmetic products.  

Common examples of organic solvents? 

  • Ethanol 
  • Heptane 
  • Hexane  
  • Ethyl acetate 

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