Understanding the Latest Trend in Cannabis Extraction: Live Resin  

Understanding the Latest Trend in Cannabis Extraction: Live Resin  

Live resin has quickly risen to be one of the most popular products dispensaries have to offer. Being discovered just a decade ago in 2013, users have quickly begun appreciating the extract’s high cannabidiol concentration and unique flavor profile. While producers have been won over by its inexpensive and straightforward production process.  

What is Live Resin?  

The extract has a particularly high level of terpenes, which are non-cannabinoid compounds that contribute to the extract’s more palatable taste and smell. Terpenes also have therapeutic properties of their own, much like cannabinoids. The higher the terpene content, the more fluid the resin will be, which can range anywhere from shatter to jellies.   

These resins also boast high CBD concentration as well as high THC. Their content ranges from 65% to 95% depending on the plant and extraction process. Nevertheless, what distinguishes resins most from other types of extract is their production process.  

How is Live Resin Made?  

Part of resin’s popularity stems from how easy and inexpensive it is to make. Here’s a quick breakdown of the process:  

  1. The first and most important step is flash-freezing the harvested cannabis as soon as possible. This is what maintains the terpenes all the way through to the final product and is also where the term “live” comes from in the extract’s name.  
  2. Next up is the extraction process, which commonly uses an organic solvent such as butane, a butane/propane mix, or ethanol to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes. Which solvent is used depends on the process conditions, original plant, and target terpene extraction.  
  3. Lastly, the process is finished with the solvent being separated out of the mixture, leaving behind just the resin to then be formed into a final product.  

Interested in Your Own Live Resin Process?  

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