What Is Liquid-Solid Extraction?

What Is Liquid-Solid Extraction?

Liquid-solid extraction refers to using a liquid solvent to remove a substance from a solid material. While this method may sound intimidating to comprehend, you likely engage with it daily. Read on to learn more about how to extract substances using this method.

How Does Liquid-Solid Extraction Work?

Liquid-solid extraction is also called leaching. In this process, a liquid is passed through a solid material, allowing compounds to leach into the fluid.

The following factors influence the rate of extraction:

  • Particle size of the solid
  • Solvent used
  • Temperature of the solvent
  • Agitation of the fluid

While water is a commonly used solvent, some industrial settings require stronger chemicals to remove the substance, such as ethanol or potassium cyanide. More concentrated or hotter solvents can speed up the process, but the severity of the factors depends on the desired product quality.

Common Uses of Liquid-Solid Extraction

The average consumer engages with this form of extraction via brewing hot coffee or tea. In these cases, hot water is used as the solvent to increase the rate of extraction. Lower temperatures may be used when the product is intended for consumption at a cool temperature. Cold-brew coffee, which uses cold water, takes about 20 hours to fully extract.

Other examples where chemical solvents are used include the production of edible oils, including vegetable and cannabis oils, and metal extraction.

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