What Is Liquid-Liquid Extraction?

What Is Liquid-Liquid Extraction?

The best way to make sense of the liquid-liquid extraction method is to think of it as a separation method in which one liquid is separated from another liquid. Just as oil and water separate when placed together, so do the liquids in this type of extraction process, allowing the desired substance to be separated from the undesirable substance, and then collected.

Still curious about this process? Then read on for a more comprehensive explanation of this type of separation process.

Liquid-Liquid Extraction Process

Extracting liquid from another liquid is relatively simple, but a more in-depth understanding is needed before executing the process. Essentially, a material is transferred from one fluid to another (separated) and then removed (extracted) from the result.

In liquid extraction, there are typically more than two substances present. The desired compound will be contained within the first liquid solvent. Another liquid solvent is added that is not miscible with the first, meaning the two solvents will separate with the desired compound now contained in the second liquid solvent.

The resulting mixture now contains the material you want to extract, but now you are able to remove it by dissolving the extracted compound from the second fluid.

Industry Uses of Liquid-Liquid Extraction

This type of extraction is utilized in a variety of industries. While used in the production of perfume and edible oils, it is also a vital tool in large-scale operations such as wastewater management.

Here are some of the industries that utilize this extraction process:

  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Fermentation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • CBD industry
  • Food and Beverage

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