Is Food Grade Ethanol Safe?

Is Food Grade Ethanol Safe?

Food-grade solvents are those that are utilized in a variety of food-related processes. They are generally safe for consumption and can be used as some of the following:  

  • Additives  
  • Preservatives  
  • Solvents.  

Other than this industry, these solvents are also used in these industries:  

  •  Pharmaceutical  
  •  Cosmetic  
  •  Extraction   

What Is The Most Common Food Grade Solvent?   

Food-grade ethanol is regarded as one of the most popular solvents by many industries. This is due to this graded solvent possessing the following characteristics:  

  • High Purity  
  • Absence Of Additives  
  • Being Safe For Consumption  
  • Being Very Versatile In Applications  

Is Food Grade Ethanol Safe?   

Ethanol is considered to be a food ingredient and is regulated by the FDA. On top of that, it is classified as a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) product. It does not fall under the description of a hazardous chemical and is even regarded as environmentally friendly.   

What are some of the uses of ethanol?   

  • Oil and flavor extraction – It is a popular extraction solvent because of its ability to extract both water and oil-soluble substances. It is used to successfully extract certain flavors as well.   
  • Cleaning applications – It is also known for its cleaning and sanitizing properties.  
  • Perfume and cosmetic additives – In addition. It is a common additive in these products. This is because of its ability to mix oils and its quick evaporation after being placed on the skin.   
  • Preservative – In various products, such as food and antimicrobial products, this chemical is relied on to extend the shelf life of the product.   

Interested In Extraction Solvents Like Food Grade Ethanol?   

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