Introduction to Edible Oils

Introduction to Edible Oils

What are Edible Oils?

Edible oils are oils that are commonly used in food supply products. These oils come in the form of fatty liquids, produced from oilseeds. In extracting edible oils, tissues from plants are used. Edible oils share general properties but differ depending on the specific oil. Some of the most popular edible oils are…

  • Sunflower oil
  • Canola oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Cannabis oils
  • Soybean oil

These oilseeds serve as some of the largest sources of protein and vegetable oil in the food industry. Many edible oils are used for cooking, while others are used for more niche products such as cannabis infusion.

How are Edible Oils Processed?

Before the separation process can begin, oilseeds must be properly prepared. Oftentimes, oilseeds must be cracked, dehulled, conditioned, and flaked. Aside from using edible oil solvents, mechanical extraction is sometimes used to squeeze the oil out. The screw press is a common extraction tool here. Solvent extraction is an even more effective edible oil extraction method, so it is often also used.

What are Edible Oil Solvents?

Solvents are a popular extraction tool due to their ability to separate the desired oil from the initial oilseed plant. Edible oil solvents are the ideal products to use with popular oilseeds used to make edible oils. They tend to be food-grade solvents, meaning that they are considered safe to use in food production when extracting oils from foodstuffs. Edible oils are fat-based, and fats are soluble in these solvents. By soaking plants in the solvent, their organic material can be separated.

Interested in Purchasing Edible Oil Solvents?

Extraction Grade Solvents provide a variety of edible oil solvents for your intended use. Some examples are butanol, methanol, and acetone, which can be purchased here. Our bulk chemical supplies are designed to fit well with your production purposes, and our team of consultants would love to connect with you today.