What are some industrial hemp regulations?

What are some industrial hemp regulations?

What are some industrial hemp regulations? Hemp has been utilized in food and for its medicinal qualities for centuries, it has recently been produced and utilized at the industrial level. The cannabis crop itself is a versatile plant that is now used for cosmetic, medicinal, and food purposes. The recent decrease in regulations of hemp products in the United States and the normalization of hemp used for industrial and commercial purposes resulted in easier access to industrial hemp products. 

What is the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana? 

Though both come from the cannabis sativa plant, the plants differ in their percentage of the psychoactive component, THC. Marijuana, which is typically used for recreational purposes, can have a THC percentage ranging from 4% to 15%, while hemp, which is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications, typically has a THC percentage of 0.3% or less.  

Scientific benefits of consuming hemp: 

  • High source of fiber, fat, and protein 
  • May aid cardiovascular health 
  •  Therapeutic agent for diseases of the central nervous system, including,  epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. 
  • Aids in cancer treatment 
  • Alleviates sleep disorder symptoms.  
  •  Provides pain relief for painful conditions like rheumatoid arthritis 

Are there still industrial hemp regulations? 

In December 2018, the U.S. Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp production per USDA federal standards and regulations. This bill was significant in the push for industrial hemp use. Prior to the bill, industrial hemp, which generally has a low percentage of the psychoactive component THC, was part of the same drug class as marijuana.  

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