How To Use Acetone For THC Extraction

How To Use Acetone For THC Extraction

Before we learn how to use acetone for THC extraction, it is best that we first understand both concepts.

What is Acetone?

Acetone is an organic solvent. It is a liquid that is colorless. It is used to break down and dissolve other substances and materials. It is found in nail polish remover, paint remover, hair dye, and sunscreen. It is used widely both in homes and industrially because it is able to dissolve in water and evaporate quickly due to its low boiling point. Acetone is a naturally produced solvent; it is found in trees, plants, and other natural environments. It is even produced through metabolism of fats in humans! Due to its natural nature, it is also non-toxic and can be consumed in tiny amounts without being harmful, making it suitable for certain extraction mechanisms.  

What is THC Extraction?  

THC extraction is the process in which the THC of a cannabis plant is removed from the plant itself so it can be used in the production of THC products, such as oils.  

How to Use Acetone for THC Extraction?  

Acetone extraction is efficient and cost effective. Due to its low boiling point, the chemical can be used effectively at room temperature or on heat. Additionally, acetone is a fairly inexpensive chemical, making the process cheaper.  

In order to properly extract THC using acetone, you must soak the cannabis plant in acetone for a certain period of time. Once it is done soaking, you run the remaining liquid through a strainer and allow the acetone to evaporate entirely from this liquid. What is left behind after the evaporation process is the THC component and should be allowed to sit for at least twenty-four hours to ensure everything has evaporated from the component. Once it has sat for a suitable amount of time and the acetone is fully evaporated, the product is ready for use!  

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