How Solvent Extraction Works

How Solvent Extraction Works

Solvent extraction is a popular process scientists use to draw out compounds from plant seeds and other substances. These compounds make their way into edible and non-edible substances, and the choice of solvent can play a key role in determining which category the compound falls under. This article will explain what a solvent is, how solvent extraction works, and the best place you can find these industrial-grade liquids.  

What Is a Solvent? 

A solvent is a chemical compound that chemists use to dissolve or extract other compounds from a substance. For extraction, extractors tend to use a solvent in its liquid form for a quicker and easier process, but they do exist in gas and solid states as well. Common solvents for extraction are: 

  • Ethanol 
  • Butane 
  • Methanol 
  • Acetone 

How Do Solvents Work in Extraction? 

Since solvents can extract other compounds, they are perfect for drawing out oils and other desirable compounds from plants and other substances. There are a few different extraction techniques that extractors use. The most basic technique is similar to making coffee at home: 

  1. Set the compound into the filter (coffee beans »  hemp seeds) 
  1. Pour the solution onto the compound (water » solvent (e.g., ethanol)) 
  1. Let the solution filter through the compound and drip into a glass container below for the end product ( coffee » hemp seed oil). 

While the coffee may be ready to drink, a chemical extract requires another step after evaporation. Depending on the technique the extractor chose, this step can look different. The bottom line is the extractor needs to remove the chemical they used before the oil is ready for manufacturing use. 

Where Can I Buy Solvents for Extraction? 

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