How is Edible Olive Oil Extracted?

How is Edible Olive Oil Extracted?

Edible Olive Oil

There are several kinds of edible oils out there, each having its own uses in the kitchen. Some are dressings, some are used in the actual process of cooking, others go on to be used in creating spreads or other types of condiments. All of these oils, regardless of their uses, will go through a similar process of extraction in order to produce the desired product that we all know.  

How Is Edible Olive Oil Extraction Done? 

For edible olive oil, we can go through the standard measures of the procedure. It seems like a relatively short process as it is only two parts, but the amount of time both of these steps take up is nothing to dismiss. 

  1. The first step after the olives have been cleaned in a wash, is malaxing. It is a process of mixing the olives into a paste, sometimes with additional solvents, sometimes not, in which oil begins to be pulled from the solids as it is mixed. The amount of oil yield from a single batch varies on the strength, time of mixing, and if solvents are used. 
  2. The next part of the process is the actual separation of the oil, pulling it out of the mix. This is done through centrifugation, a process in which it is put into machinery that will apply force and rotate it around a specific axis. It will separate the oil from the paste and any water or solvent traces. Even after this intense separation process, the oil is often put through a filter afterward for a guarantee of the finest product possible. 
  3. After that, the final edible olive oil is packaged and shipped off to sellers for the market.

The amount of effort needed to produce these oils is greatly reduced to machinery and the aid of things like solvents, but that doesn’t take away any credit from the people behind those oil products. These productions are closely watched, examined, and tested by professionals of the industry in order to guarantee only the best ends up going to the public. 

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