How Is CBD Oil Derived?

How Is CBD Oil Derived?

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol oil, is a product that is significantly growing in popularity. This is mostly due to the physical and mental health benefits it provides. CBD itself contains less than 0.2% of THC and is usually extracted from hemp plants. However, it should be noted that occasionally it is derived from non-hemp plants as well.   

What Is CBD Oil Used For?  

  • Medicinal purposes – it is an effective treatment for pain management, being used by cancer patients and those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. From it possessing anti-inflammatory characteristics, this oil can benefit those suffering from several neurological diseases.   
  • Mental health treatment – is also an effective and non-addictive treatment for those suffering from severe mental struggles and illnesses.   
  • Cosmetic use – it has been used as an additive in certain cosmetics and topical products, like lotions.   

How Is CBD Oil Derived?   

This substance is generally extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. There are various methods used to extract the substance, including CO2 extraction and solvent extraction.  

CO2 Extraction  

This method uses supercritical carbon dioxide and involves these three steps:  

  1. Place The Plant Substance In A Special Chamber.   
  2. Add Carbon Dioxide That Will Later Liquify.   
  3. Absorb The Oil In The Substance.   

Though this process is relatively safe and highly effective, it can be very expensive. Also, the final product may need to be refined further after the process has been completed.   

Solvent Extraction  

This method tends to use specific organic solvents, such as ethanol and butane, It involves the following:  

  1. Soaking The Plant Material In The Solvent.   
  2. Extracting The Desired Components From The Plant.  
  3. Evaporating The Solvent From The Solution.  
  4. Leaving Behind The Desired Oil Substance.   

Solvent extraction is a popular method because of its reliability, effectiveness, and inexpensiveness compared to other methods. 

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