How Do You Purify Edible Oil?

How Do You Purify Edible Oil?

There are a variety of online resources available that will tell you how to purify edible oil. However, most articles will give you a slightly different answer and not cover the entire topic. 

Instead of viewing multiple web pages before your purchase, read this blog post to learn why and how we purify edible oil. 

How to make and purify edible oil 

The science now used to purify edible oil is relatively new. People initially extracted edible oil from plant and animal materials using physical means. As demand increased and technology advanced, we developed other ways to extract edible oil. Today, we use a chemical extraction process to create edible oil.  

Production steps: 

  1. Cleanse  
  2. Press 
  3. Solvent Extraction 
  4. Purify 
  5. Package 

The purification process, also known as refining, involves removing all imperfections from the oil.  

This process includes: 

  1. Neutralization: Oil heated to 85 ºC and combined with an alkaline substance 
  2. Degumming: Oil treated with water or acid and gum dregs removed 
  3. Bleaching: Pigment filtered out 
  4. Deodorization: Steam passed through oil 

Why do we need to purify edible oil? 

Manufacturers purify edible oil to prevent health hazards, maintain customer satisfaction, and create uniform product quality.  

 Some manufacturers further purify edible oil due to their product’s intended use. For example, some edible oils meant to be served cold go through a “winterization” process where they are rapidly chilled to a low temperature. For products that aim to be odorless, the manufacturer may add citric acid as part of deodorization. 

What products should I purchase? 

We recommend chemical solvents if you’re looking to purify edible oil industrially. These include acetone, methanol, and other solvents. There are other methods and materials, such as physical purification via activated carbon and earth-based bentonite. Still, we find chemical solvents to be the most efficient and effective means to purify edible oil.  

Need to purify edible oil? 

It’s quick and easy to order the solvents needed to purify edible oil from Extraction Grade Solvents. Our products are available in 5-gallon and 55-gallon, making it easy to restock your warehouse and reduce waste. Browse our website for high-quality oil purification products here. 

Have a question? 

No worries! Our team is standing by to help you. Regardless of whether you know extraction like a pro or if this is your organization’s first go, you can contact us via email, phone, or our easy message form.