How Do You Manufacture Edible Oil?

How Do You Manufacture Edible Oil?

Edible oils are exactly what they sound like, oils that are edible! Extracted edible oils are purified and refined or chemically altered. To learn more about all the basics of edible oils keep reading on!

The Processes of Manufacturing Edible Oil: 

The manufacturing of edible oil is a unique process and can vary based on why the oil is being produced and by whom. For example, the commercial production of oils differs from the process that small-scale edible oil undergoes. However, mechanical extraction and solvent extraction can both be utilized by the manufacturer depending on the desired outcome. 

There are two methods you can go about manufacturing edible oil: 

  • Mechanical Extraction: which is the extraction of oil from seed with a press. This technique is a bit older in comparison to Chemical Extraction. 
  • Chemical Extraction (use of a solvent): is a more up-to-date technique that is used in manufacturing edible oil. 

Why and How Do You Manufacture Edible Oils?

When truly beginning to manufacture edible oil, a purpose is in mind. A desire of a manufacturer must be to provide quality products that stand by the promises implemented. Ironically enough, the process of manufacturing edible oil is no different than following a recipe. There are in-depth steps that are in place to ensure that manufactured oils are not only clean but safe as well. 

  1. Prep: Includes cleaning and stripping of a plant (or seed) in its entirety to remove any contamination or elements that aren’t necessarily wanted.
  2. Extraction or Separation: Removal of oil from the seed. Using a press or a solvent (e.g.: hexane) allows for oils to be isolated from their raw (original) form.
  3. Heating: This allows the extraction process to leave pure oil. 
  4. Bleaching and Deodorizing: The final stage (which can be avoided) that alters color and removes the color and taste of the oil.
  5. Refining: An additional step that purifies an extracted oil to alter smell, taste, or appearance for consumers.

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