How Do You Get CBD Oil From Hemp?

How Do You Get CBD Oil From Hemp?

How do you get CBD Oil From Hemp? 

There are many ways to get CBD oil from hemp. All of the extraction methods have benefits and drawbacks.  

Methods of Getting CBD Oil From Hemp

  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 

This method of extraction is also found in the production of essential oils and decaffeinated coffee and teas. Though this process is expensive it is favored because it does not decarboxylate the CBD during extraction.  

The change from liquid to gas that CO2 undergoes allows for the separation of different plant material weights. With the precision of this method, manufacturers can adjust the supercritical CO2 pressure ratio and extract a specific CBD concentration. It repeatedly yields CBD of high purity with no residual material.  

  • Solvent Extraction 

Both natural and hydrocarbon solvents can be used to extract CBD oil. In this process of extraction ethanol, butane, or propane are applied over plant material until CBD oil is extracted. When a hydrocarbon solvent is used the solution containing cannabinoids like CBD and THC is refined further and the solvent is mostly removed. After that, there is a final refinement and the rest of the solvent is removed leaving only the desired CBD oil. The use of a hydrocarbon solvent is known to preserve both the smell and taste of the plant material it is used on. When ethanol is used as a solvent the solution is distilled and separated to isolate the desired compounds.  

This method is efficient and economical. It doesn’t need complex equipment like Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. However, if a natural solvent is used, the taste of the CBD oil may become unpleasantly bitter due to the presence of chlorophyll.  

  • Steam Distillation 

This method, also used in the extraction of essential oils, has been applied to CBD oil production as well with some success. Steam frees volatile compounds from the hemp and the vapor is then cooled and condensed. The water and CBD oil leftover are separated. This method, while simple and inexpensive, is inefficient. Lots of plant material is needed to produce oil. The CBD oil concentration also lacks consistency and runs the risk of being damaged by the heat needed to extract it.  

  • Olive Oil  

Though olive oil is considered a natural solvent, this type of extraction is usually used by those who extract CBD at home. The raw hemp is heat-treated and then added to olive oil to be heated again to extract CBD. Because the olive oil does not evaporate the CBD is not as concentrated and the process results in an infusion rather than extract.  

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