How Do We Get Oil From Plants?

How Do We Get Oil From Plants?

Plant Oil Extraction

Getting oil from plants is nothing new, it is something that we have done for years now for a variety of reasons. From medicines to cooking, to cosmetics, plants have always been used to create these things. How do we get the oil from the plants to create these things though? For it is in a lot of everyday products, not many actually know how the plant oil is gathered. 

How do we get Oil from Plants?

There are several methods for plant oil extraction, but the method best will vary from each plant. The most common extraction methods are: 

  • Steam distillation is when steam is used to go through the plant leaves and gather the oil as it passes through. 
  • Solvent extraction is a method rising in popularity, in which a solvent such as hexane or ethanol is used on the plants that can separate the desired oils from the leaves and can be easily gathered. 
  • Cold Press is a method of mechanical separation, which uses a machine to press and squeeze the oils out of the desired plant.

These methods are what lead to the chemical industry being able to produce such large quantities of the oils and thus able to meet the demands of the market. There are constant demands from branches like medicine and cosmetics but even branches such as essential oils and oils for aromatherapy grow in demand as time goes on. Ways to efficiently gather the desired products are always being developed and streamlined within the industry, keeping a quality result as the main priority. 

Looking to get Oil from Plants? 

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