How Are Edible Oils Processed?

How Are Edible Oils Processed?

What Are Edible Oils?

Edible oils are a common household item used in commercial and industrialized processes. Commonly used in household kitchen and in small ways in industrial situations. The make-up of edible oils can be from animal, plant and microbial fats that are suitable for eating purposes when the edible oil is liquid at a room temperature. Some edible oils include:

  • Palm Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Peanut Oil
  • Cannabidiol

Edible oils also serve purposes in beauty care products including skin and hair-care. Some edible oils contain antioxidants good for dry hair and other oils are good in the use of skincare and keeping the face moisturized.

How Are Edible Oils Processed?

The process of processing edible involves many steps including refining or chemically altering the oil when it has been extracted. Typically, edible oils are processed by extracting the oil from the seed. Though it is typically seeds, sometimes it is removed and extracted from other plant components. There are different ways they can be processed from mechanically to chemically using solvents.

What Solvents Are Used in Edible Oil Processing?

As mentioned above, the processing process for edible oils can either be done mechanically or chemically, and when done chemically it requires a solvent to be processed and refined. Due to the nature of the process, there is truly one solvent that is most recommended for the process and that is hexane. It is the solvent that most industries and people will use to refine edible oils after their extraction process has taken place. Hexane in this use is good because it has a low temperature when getting it boil and most extracted oils can be soluble in a process involving hexane.

How to Buy Solvents for Edible Oil Processing?

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