Why Is Hexane Used For Extraction?

Why Is Hexane Used For Extraction?

Hexane is a widely popular organic solvent. It is most known for being blended into most modern types of gasoline. Compared to other organic solvents, this solvent is popular because it possesses these three benefits:  

  • Relative Inexpensiveness  
  • Low Toxicity  
  • Quick Evaporation  

It is because of this makeup and the benefits it provides, that this chemical is used for extraction.  

What Is Hexane Utilized For?   

  • Adhesive Industry – This chemical is heavily utilized in the manufacturing of various adhesives.  
  • Chemical Extraction – Specific organic solvents, like the one in question, are used in the chemical extraction of oil from various seeds. The most common extraction is soybean oil.  
  • Cleaning – It is also a popular cleaning agent because of its effective degreasing ability and its ability to be blended into many cleaning solutions.   

Why Is Hexane Used For Extraction Processes?   

This chemical is used for these particular and common processes due to its:  

  • Ideal Solubilizing Ability   
  • Low Reactivity   
  • Little Odor   
  • Narrow/Low Boiling Point  
  • Relatively Inexpensive  
  • High Evaporation Rate   

These specific chemical properties make hexane the ideal solvent for extraction methods. A narrow boiling point and effective solubilizing ability allow for a high product yield and simple product recovery.   

In solvent extraction, a solvent like hexane is used to soak up a ground-up plant or seed substance. After being soaked, the solvent can pull the desired components from the material, without degrading or disrupting the chemical composition. The solvent is then evaporated from the solution to leave behind the desired cooking or edible oil.   

What Has Hexane Been Used To Extract Oil From?  

 This liquid is generally used in the production of cooking oils and vegetable oils. These can include but are not limited to:  

  • Peanuts  
  • Canola  
  • Rapeseed  
  • Soybean  
  • Corn  
  • Olives  
  • Sunflower   

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