Uses For Food Grade Ethanol

Uses For Food Grade Ethanol

Uses For Food Grade Ethanol  

Ethanol, known as C2H5OH to chemists and as alcohol to most, is a chemical that possesses a polar and organic makeup. This combination of elements is applied by an abundance of industries and can provide a multitude of results.  

However, when C2H5OH is reduced to a particular level, which of its uses can be performed? Food-grade alcohol can be used for the following but is not limited to: 

  • Various Flavor Extractions  
  • Baking/Cake Decorating 
  • Creating Candy/Candy Glazes 
  • Cosmetics Production  
  • Making Perfume  
  • Organic Cleansing 

The Restrictions Behind The Grading  

Before we can understand what this solvent can do, we must first understand what chemical grading is. 

Chemicals are graded based on their levels of purity and their ability to be safely consumed. The higher amount of purity that a chemical contains, the more versatile it is for industrial applications. 

Those that fall under the food level possess a great level of purity and can be consumed without fear of complications. It is not the strongest of the grading but one of four. The other grades include: 

  • Technical 
  • Laboratory  
  • Reagent  

What Can It Extract? 

As mentioned above, this chemical is a solvent and can extract flavors. 

 A solvent is an essential part of extraction and is responsible for the separation of the extracted material from all other components. This process can be done in three ways and can produce an abundance of results. 

So, what kinds of flavors can ethanol extract? Some of the flavors that it can extract include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Citrus 
  • Root  
  • Cannabis  
  • Botanical  
  • Hemp Vanilla  

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