How To Use Food Grade Alcohol For Extraction 

How To Use Food Grade Alcohol For Extraction 

How To Use Food Grade Alcohol For Extraction 

Alcohol, more often referred to as ethanol (C2H5OH) by chemists, is a solvent with an organic composition. This solvent is used in a variety of industries in order to separate a selection of desired substances.  

However, when this chemical is regulated to a certain level, how can it be implemented as a part of this separation? You can use Food grade alcohol for extraction by following these several simple steps: 

Step One- Mix and soak the material you wish to separate with ethanol. Make sure that the material is completely submerged. 

Step Two- Let the mixture rest inside a freezer at a very low temperature for 24 hours. 

Step Three- Distance all solid materials from the mixture through a simple filtration, which will require the following: 

  • Filter Paper 
  • Vacuum Pump 
  • Vacuum Flask  
  • Büchner funnel  

This distancing will only leave you with the extract and the solvent in use.  

Step Four- Tear away the extract from the ethanol with a rotary evaporator, completely separating the two! 

What Can This Process Separate? 

Chemicals that fall under the level of Food Grade possess two qualities.  

The first is that these combined elements contain a high level of purity. The higher the level of purity, the more industrial applications it can be used for, increasing its versatility.  

The second of these is that they are edible and safe to consume.  

With these two attributes established, this leveled ethanol can extract the following but is not limited to: 

  • Cannabis  
  • Hemp 
  • Vanilla  
  • Root 
  • Citrus  
  • Botanical  

These extractions are used in an abundance of products, one example being multi-purpose cleaning solutions. Which can be utilized during various methods of washing away unwanted elements from surfaces. 

Looking to Learn More About Solvents? 

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