Extraction Solvents for Beginners

Extraction Solvents for Beginners

What is the Point of Solvents?

Essentially, solvents are used to break down different materials to extract their oils and compounds. Solvents are utilized in a variety of circumstances to achieve different end-form products. Producers will often go through as many extraction methods as needed to achieve said finished product. More so, solvents are becoming increasingly popular in industrial settings, serving as a superior option in drawing out compounds. They are capable of separating products without chemically modifying them, which is certainly ideal. Solvents are of great use in large-scale extraction methods, and Extraction Grade Solvents is enthused to provide bulk custom blends of solvents to assist with your extraction needs.

Why is Hexane a Popular Solvent?

Hexane is a very popular solvent, and one that we at Extraction Grade Solvents place a large focus on. In plants focused on extracting oilseeds, hexane is seen to be a dominant player. This is due to the following factors:

Industry Preference: Hexane is dominant in a wide range of industries. The familiarity associated with this means that more capital has been invested towards hexane over other solvents. With this, specific safety protocols have also been created to cater to hexane. Employees have been trained in the area as well, leading to more professionals being based here.

Ease of Use: Compared to other solvents, hexane harbors a greater ability to extract oil. Since hexane is relatively easy to evaporate, it takes less energy to remove oil from products when it is used. It is versatile in that its liquid state can be retained in a wide temperature range. 

How Do Custom Blends Work?

Solvents do not fit a one-size-fits-all approach, and every extraction process is unique. Given the versatile nature of solvents, producers often desire custom blend solutions to achieve a specific end product. With each product comes unique circumstances, such refinement and removal methods. Production methods can also vary between products, as different separation and distillation processes are used. 

Interested in Shopping Solvents?

We hope that this article has helped you to better understand comment solvents. We would love to help you continue to decipher which of our services best serve your needs. Shop with us here today!