Ethyl Acetate for Cannabis Extraction

Ethyl Acetate for Cannabis Extraction

What is Ethyl Acetate? 

Ethyl acetate is a colorless liquid chemical that has a fruity smell.  It is known as a polar aprotic solvent, meaning that it has an uneven distribution of electrical charge between the atoms that are bonded together.  Polar solvents are very good at bonding to and removing water-soluble structures and solutions.  This makes it very good at extracting oil-based solutions.  It is used as a solvent in paints, lacquers, varnishes, extraction (specifically decaffeination of tea and coffee), and can also be used in food processes as a synthetic flavor for wines, baked goods, and candies.   

Can Ethyl Acetate be used in Cannabis Extraction? 

While the use of ethyl acetate in cannabis extraction isn’t as common as other methods, it can be used very effectively for the process.  It has been found to be both environmentally friendly and efficient in extracting cannabis resin.  This chemical is a great choice for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes at room temperature and atmospheric pressure due to its ability to break down certain structures, mostly water-soluble structures.  Most importantly, ethyl acetate is a safe option for the consumer and those directly using the chemical.  Through studies it has been found safe to consumers in residual levels.  In its chemical form that will be found in lab settings, it is an irritant to the skin, eyes, nose and throat, that irritation can be avoided all together through the use of proper protection equipment such as gloves, masks, lab coats, and goggles.   

What are the Benefits of using Ethyl Acetate in Cannabis Extraction? 

This chemical has proven to be a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly option for extraction solvents.  While this process isn’t as common as some others, there are many great benefits to using ethyl acetate over other extraction solvents: 

  • Naturally occurring or chemically made in lab 
  • Leads to higher output 
  • Can skip pre-processing and post-processing 
  • Lower cost of investment
  • Lower cost per gram of extract
  • Can be reused in future extractions (when water removal is performed)
  • Can be used at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.  


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