Ethanol Use In Plant Extraction

Ethanol Use In Plant Extraction

Plant Extraction Background

Plant extraction has been utilized for a long time due to its medicinal and healing properties as well as other purposes. With the ability to prevent and cure disease, mitigate psychological disorders like depression and anxiety, and help correct mental and physical imbalances. Plant extractions are used all over the world as a natural substitute to synthetic pharmaceuticals and have been long hailed as an effective appetite stimulate and even cancer treatment.

In recent years, plant extraction has grown in popularity and taken center stage. Traditionally, Butane plant extracts has been the main method of preserving the valuable compounds in the plants with stable extractions, but Ethanol is now gaining traction and quickly becoming the most effective solvent today.

Why Buy Ethanol for Extraction?

  • Ethanol has gained popularity because of its effective, efficient, and safe extraction method and procedure due to its composition.
  • Ethanol has been long regarded as generally safe for human consumption by the FDA.
  • Ethanol is reliable well-known solvent for extraction because it’s been commonly used as an additive in our foods and drinks like wine and whipped cream.
  • Ethanol extractions are safe enough to produce on your own stovetop at home, for the most part, while other solvent extractions such as Butane require significant machinery and handling as they need safety protocols to operate.

Ethanol extractions are produced by the combination of running, rinsing, or soaking ethanol through cured plant matter, then separating the desired plant matter from the ethanol, and finally purifying the remaining desired liquid that is left over.

Extra Care Required for Ethanol

Ethanol extraction does require extra care. Its polarity presents a challenge with respect to its effectiveness as a solvent. Ethanol is a polar solvent meaning it readily mixes with water. This means that although it does an excellent job at separating plants from their own oily essences, it also dissolves water-soluble molecules, such as chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an undesirable component of Ethanol extraction and if left not purified out of the final mixture is unsafe. Fortunately, there are new innovations being developed in helping chlorophyll detection, which would make the already safe Ethanol extractions safer.

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