Defining Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

Defining Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

To even begin to understand the basics of cannabis and plant extraction there are many terms which must be examined to understand what makes up cannabis and plant extraction. This blog intends to describe key terms in detail to help consumers better understand the cannabis industry for extraction purposes.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a cannabis plant that has components that make weed or marijuana. The cannabis plant is used to help in producing marijuana and psychoactive supplements to make consumers feel different than they would on a regular basis. The growing of cannabis plants is not legal in all 50 states, where uses range from medical to recreational uses.  There are three types of cannabis, sativa, indcia, and ruderalis.

Uses of Cannabis

The marijuana extracted from a cannabis plant can be used for many different purposes as mentioned before, some of those uses are:

  • Food
  • Smoking Oil
  • Teas
  • And much more!

What is Hemp?

Hemp plants are plants that have edible seeds that have male and female parts that can be separated. It is sometimes more commonly known as industrial hemp. It is slightly similar to cannabis, but it can be commonly mistaken as cannabis. Hemp is a helpful contributor to help improve blood pressure, reduction of cholesterol and improves overall heart health. Hemp also contributes to help healthy fats. It’s main function is to help lower the risk of future heart problems and many other diseases.

What is CBD?

In the simplest terms, CBD is a common ingredient found in cannabis and hemp. It is a pillar that makes up the two different substances. The main purpose of CBD is that it functions as an anxiety reliever and helps one’s body relax. CBD is a component of the hemp and cannabis plants and be commonly mistaken for both hemp and cannabis given that they all share similar qualities. You will find that in cannabis and hemp plants that the levels of CBD are completely different. Hemp plants more commonly have more CBD than a cannabis plant which is why hemp is used in producing CBD oils.

Cannabis CBD oil extracts in jars herbs and leaves. Concept medical marijuana.

How to Shop for Extraction Solvents?

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