Best Chemical Extraction Techniques   

Best Chemical Extraction Techniques   

Most people do not know how various oils are obtained and produced. Though some of these oils are used for different purposes, they are almost always obtained through extraction. The methods for this process can be either manual or chemical. Both of these methods are considered to be the ‘best’ for various reasons. 

What Kind Of Oils Are Obtained Through Chemical Extraction?  

The kinds of oils that can be obtained through this specific method of removal are:  

  • Various Vegetable Oils  
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil  
  • Essential Oils  

What Are Some Common Extraction Methods?   

When looking at most chemical extraction techniques, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each.   

  • Solvent Extraction – This method is used by many industries and involves the following components:  
  1. Soaking the ground-up plant material in a solvent  
  2. Heating the solution to pull out the desired components  
  3. Evaporating the solvent out of the solution to leave behind the desired product   

Popular solvents for this method include:   

  • Butane  
  • Propane   
  • Hexane  
  • Ethanol  

The pros of this method are that its relatively inexpensive, safe, and has a high yield.   

  • CO2 Extraction – This separation method utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide and involves placing the plant material in a special chamber. Then it forces the carbon dioxide to go into a supercritical state where it is both a gas and a liquid. This supercritical carbon dioxide can extract certain components, like THC or CBD from the cannabis plant.   

The pro of this method is that it is highly effective. However, the con is how expensive equipment for this method may be.   

  • Steam Distillation – Mostly utilized to obtain essential oils, this method involves the following components:  
  1. Vaporizing specific plant components   
  2. Waiting for condensation  
  3. Collecting the desired material  

The pros of this method are the high yield and simplicity. However, the con is the time-consuming nature of the process.   

Interested In Solvents For Chemical Extraction?  

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