Carbon Disulfide: The Solvent For Solvent Extraction 

Carbon Disulfide: The Solvent For Solvent Extraction 

Carbon Disulfide: The Solvent For Solvent Extraction 

Solvents are chemicals that are used to spread out, weaken, and dissolve other compounds. The purpose of their extraction is to separate one substance from a mixture, while all other substances remain the same. Due to the abundance and versatility of solvents, it can be difficult to decide on which one to use. The chemical that is the most efficient and used most often is Carbon Disulfide. 

What Is Carbon Disulfide? 

Carbon Disulfide is a colorless and poisonous liquid that possesses a similar odor to Ether; if not handled with care, it will result in a series of complications.  

When it comes to internal design, however, it’s a little more complex. 

Carbon Disulfide is a nonpolar solvent. Chemicals with this branding possess atoms that come together in a bond and possess similar electronegativities. This limits the substances they can interact with when compared to their polar counterparts. Carbon Disulfide is classified as organic. Organic chemicals are carbon-based substances that are capable of dissolving or diluting one or multiple substances.  

This makeup allows it to be a useful solvent. 

What Can It Extract? 

Carbon Disulfide can extract: 

  • Perfume 
  • Insecticides  
  • Rubbers 
  • Viscose Rayon 
  • Cellophane 

What Industries Use Carbon Disulfide? 

The industries that use this chemical are: 

  • Those that produce Rubbers 
  • Those that produce Insecticides 
  • Those that produce Viscose Rayon 
  • Those that produce Cellophane 

These industries are plentiful and can be found across the world. The products they produce are widely used and benefit society greatly. 

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