Can Ethanol Be Used For Plant Extraction?

Can Ethanol Be Used For Plant Extraction?

Ethanol for plant extraction?

Yes! Ethanol is a great solvent for plant extraction. Extractors choose it over other solvents such as methanol and butane for a variety of reasons.

Here are the qualities that make it such an attractive choice:


It is one of the most renewable solvents on the market. After filtering it from the extract, the ethanol leftover is ready for another round of extraction. This grain alcohol is up to 95% reusable and a great solvent for saving money.


Since this compound is so renewable, it’s a great eco-friendly option. There is less waste and fewer transportation costs with ethanol compared to solvents that are not reusable and require you to order them in larger quantities.


This solvent is compatible with multiple different extraction processes. The three main processes are maceration, cold extract, and Soxhlet. These processes each require varying temperatures to extract the desired compounds from the plants, and ethanol is able to perform them all.

Quick Process

This grain alcohol yields a high amount of plant extract in a quick amount of time. This solvent is a great choice if your company wants or needs to extract large quantities of plant extract daily.


This solvent is a popular choice for CBD edibles, tinctures, and other ingested seed oils due to its food-grade standing. If your company is in the business of creating products for human consumption, then this is a great choice.

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