Best Solvents For Oil Extraction

Best Solvents For Oil Extraction

What is Solvent-Based Oil Extraction?

In the most simplified terms solvent-based oil extraction is using a solvent to separate the CBD oil from the plant material. This then creates a mixture of the CBD oil with the solvent. Lastly, the solvent is then removed through evaporation or purifying processes leaving behind pure CBD oil. Solvent extraction uses either hydrocarbons (including butane, propane) or natural solvents (such as ethanol, hexane, heptane) to achieve this process of extracting pure CBD oil. Solvent extraction can be an extremely efficient and usually less expensive than other extraction methods. However, this extraction method does not come without its risk.

Hydrocarbon Solvent Extraction

  • Use of Butane as the main solvent for CBD oil extraction
  • Leftover residual solvents
  • Cancerous if not removed in evaporation process
  • Not a guarantee successful evaporation process
  • Main concern is extreme flammability & explosiveness
  • Flavorful & strong

Natural Solvent Extraction

  • Main solvents used are ethanol, hexane, heptane
  • High effective solvents at extracting CBD oil
  • Strips harmful chemicals from raw plant material, like chlorophyll
  • Unsafe for human consumption
  • Can cause unpleasant taste & color

CBD products that were made from using hydrocarbon extraction such as butane and propane have the potential risk of containing leftover solvent residuals. Natural Solvent extraction like ethanol and heptane have a lower risk extraction method than hydrocarbons regarding leftover harmful residue however they can produce inconsistent and lower amounts of CBD extract.

How to Shop For Solvents?

Use our online store to buy the perfect solvent for your desires needs whether that is a hydrocarbon solvent or natural solvent, our team has you covered. If you have any further questions regarding which solvent-based extraction method is best for you, contact us here today!